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Izelle van Heerden

I am Izelle van Heerden and I am proud of our comprehensive portfolio of estate living and investment properties.  My goal is to find you the perfect investment but more importantly finding you the perfect home where you and your family can experience security, joy and peace.  I specialise in river front and golf estate properties and built the business on the principle of the love for property, style and estate living.  I strive to find clients locally and abroad the perfect property.  

072 291 7035

Nicolene Swanepoel

I am Nicolene Swanepoel and I have joined the firm as an intern estate agent in 2020.     

073 646 7985

jean Meyer

 I am Jean Meyer an NQF4 registered and qualified estate agent and deal with any real estate matters at the firm.  I am also in control of our Rentals Department.  I specialise as rental agent for mall owners and small and medium business property, but will also look after your residential properties.  By looking after them, I will be safeguarding your whole package - neatness, garden services, collecting rent, evicting processes, cleaning services,  municipal accounts, etc.  I have been an estate agent for many years, and enjoy positive results.

082 786 3658

Meshack Nocanda

I am Meshack Nocanda, an intern estate agent and have gained experience in real estate as sales consultant for various major banks in SA.  

I am highly motivated and aspire, through hard work and being honest about the risk of buying and selling, to assist you in getting the best deal for you by negotiating with all stake holders.  Through our bond originating team I will assist you with affordability, so that you may live your dream.

078 949 9050

Rental agreements and evictions

One of the biggest problems individuals face, is that of tenants who do not pay the rent and the subsequent eviction of the tenants.

Our firm has a proven track record of successful eviction procedures.


We can assist you with:

1.  drafting professional rental agreements

2.  cost effective and successful eviction orders

3.  rental interdicts

4.  collection of levies and rent

To evict your residential tenant, you have to proof a valid reason to do so, and thereafter you need to follow the process laid down in the Prevention of Illegal Eviction and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act 19 of 1998. (The PIE Act).

The first step under normal circumstances is to cancel the lease agreement with the tenant, even where the contract was made orally, and inform the tenant of the cancellation and the reasons therefore.  Thereafter the tenant would be occupying the premises illegally and will fall under the definition of an illegal occupier.  

The second step is to bring an application for the eviction of the tenant to the Magistrate's Court having jurisdiction over the property.  You will need to prove that the contract was properly terminated and that you had valid reasons for doing so i.e. outstanding rental, damages to the rental premises or property or that the lease has run its course.  You may not evict a tenant just because you do not like him.  

The PIE Act lays down strict steps that an owner or landlord must follow to evict an unlawful occupant. The landlord must follow the steps laid down by the PIE Act and not take the law into his own hands by e.g. changing locks, disconnecting electricity and water supply, or evicting a tenant by intimidation or force.  These are examples of spoliation which entitles the tenant to approach the court for the "mandament van spolie", thereby giving him the leased premises back and to order the landlord to pay the tenant's legal fees.