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Lynette Claassen


Debt Counselling

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Lynette Claassen Debt Counselling (Pty) Ltd

NCRDC 1062

Tel.:  082 321 1510

Dealing with debt is stressful.  Avoiding calls from creditors and having scary letters sent to you with threats of the sheriff showing up, is no way to live.  

Scientists tell us that stress leads to all sorts of health issues and is incredibly bad for you.  If you owe people money that you are struggling to repay each month, then you know all about that.  Sleepless nights, a feeling of dread and even panic attacks are common among those with debt.  Stress about debt can also make you more likely to fight with family and friends.  Debt stress has also been shown to reduce workers' productivity which put your job at risk.  

All in all, debt stress is just plain bad for you.

Many people with debt mistakenly think that the answer to their situation is another loan, more borrowed money to throw at the debt stress you already have. It is much better to face your debt head on and find a way to live debt free.

If you have already reduced your spending and cannot earn more, but still struggle to repay your creditors, then the good news is you still have an option which can help you - debt review.

Getting rid of your debt will help you relieve the stress that is so bad for you and your family.  Less debt means less stress.  Less stress means you can look forward to waking up each day, going to work and spending time with your family and friends.  if you are experiencing debt stress, now is the time to act.  Do not waste time.  Start your journey to live a debt free life.  You will find it brings great peace of mind.

LYNETTE CLAASSEN DEBT COUNSELLING negotiate with your creditors and combine the payment of your outstanding debts in one monthly payment.  

Debt counselling is a process of assisting consumers that are experiencing debt related problems through -

a)  budget advice

b)  restructuring payments

c)  negotiating with credit providers on behalf of the consumer

d)  monitoring payments

e)  providing after-care services.

Debt counselling is done by a debt counsellor.  This is someone who is registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and who assists consumers who are experiencing debt-related problems and are having difficulty making their current monthly payments providing them with budget advice, support and mediation with creditors.