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 “You will find that physical attributes are of no consequence where the battle is one of intellects.

Intellect, voice, personality are all weapons in one’s armoury,

 but to none can be ascribed any degree of dominance or even of importance. 

There is, however, one quality that can overcome any physical failing, and, fortunately, it is a quality that is yours for the taking.

 It is the quality of being or becoming conscientious and diligent.”  

E. Morris Technique In Litigation (1969)


Family Law is our Passion 

We resolve family issues 

divorce, maintenance, settlement agreements, domestic violence & harassment, ante nuptial contracts, adoptions

Debt Counsellors

Do not make debt to pay debt

we negotiate with your creditors

budget advice, restructuring payments, negotiating with credit providers, monitoring payments, after care services, administration & sequestration orders

Estate Agents

live the dream

we sell and transfer your immovable property

real estate agents, drafting agreements of sale, elite investment properties, rental agreements, bond originating, conveyancing

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There ain't no mountain high enough...

South Africa is a country rich in tradition and culture, viewed by many across the globe as a symbol of hope.  And in South Africa one of the secrets of a successful business practice is to manage change successfully - by breaking through old barriers with new and innovative solutions, without losing one's identity and essential culture.  We take pride in our ability to attend to all aspects of the law, not regarding any problem as too big or too small, and in our readiness to meet new challenges, through commitments to our clients, our staff, our profession and to the future.

We invite you to climb new mountains with us and to embark on this exciting journey, hand in hand, as partners. 

Welcome to Our firm

Our most important relationships are with our family - parents, children, spouses, ex-spouses and siblings at various times deeply impact our lives.

And it is because these relationships are important that issues tend to be emotional and consequential.

It is very important to fully understand issues before helping clients resolve matters.

We deliver a broad range of services that guarantee measurable results and a positive impact on your private or business life.

Meet our Attorneys

Three attorneys, one candidate attorney, two debt counsellors, three registered estate agents, one office manager, one messenger holding 6 degrees, various certificates, advanced certificates and other qualifications amongst them.

Anne-marie du Toit

Anne-marie du Toit

Our Parys partner

Anne-marie du Toit obtained her B.Proc and LL.B - degrees from the Rand Afrikaans University in 1998 and 1999 respectively, whereafter she did her articles and was employed in Roodepoort and Krugersdorp on Johannesburg's West Rand.  She was admitted as an attorney in February 2002 and is currently enrolled in three law societies, i.e. the LPC of the Northern Provinces, Free State and Kwazulu-Natal.  Anne-marie loves working with members of the public and deals with any civil law and conveyancing matters at our Parys Branch, as well as being involved in many community projects.  She has a daughter and enjoys farm life.

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our johannesburg partner

Monica Drotsky obtained her LL.B-degree from the University of South Africa, whereafter she completed her articles and was employed at attorneys' firms at Parys in the Free State, while simultaneously trained as a transcriber.  She is currently enrolled in the Free State, Kwazulu-Natal and Northern Provinces as an attorney.  Although Monica is trained and experienced in both criminal and civil law, she has a specific passion for family law, with extensive experience in matters pertaining to the best interest of children.  She also holds a certificate in medical law, is married with two sons and enjoys the outdoors, where her hobbies includes skydiving, rowing and arts & music.

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Monica Drotsky

Monica Drotsky

Stefanie du Toit

Stefanie du Toit Ash

our specialist consultant

Stefanie Ash is an expert consultant to the firm.  She is an Engineering and Construction Law Specialist, an admitted attorney, legal advisor, contract manager and HR specialist, with expertise in engineering and construction law, contract and project management, policies and procedures etc.  She also has extensive experience in NEC, FIDIC, GCC, JBCC, CIDB, National treasury general conditions.  She holds an LL.B. degree, a Certificate in Advanced Project Management, and Certificate in Practical Labour Law.  

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Central to our firm's values and culture is to understand what is important to you, the client, and to create a tailor-made strategy to help you achieve an outcome that is favourable to you.  

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Family Law

We have a passion for family law... 

We understand that all family law issues facing our clients are important, no matter how big or small.  Therefore we believe that it is very important to first fully understand issues before helping clients resolve matters.  Solutions which are outside the box are often only possible if the attorney truly listens and understands the issues.  But at the same time, not every problem can be resolved through negotiations.  At those times, clients can rest assured that their interests will be protected aggressively.


If you chose the wrong spouse make sure to choose the right divorce attorney.

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Your children has the right to be supported by both parents.

domestic violence
Domestic violence

You are not crazy or unstable.  You were abused.  You are a survivor.