“You will find that physical attributes are of no consequence where the battle is one of intellects. Intellect, voice, personality are all weapons in one’s armoury, but to none can be ascribed any degree of dominance or even of importance. There is, however, one quality that can overcome any physical failing, and, fortunately, it is a quality that is yours for the taking. It is the quality of being or becoming conscientious and diligent.” E Morris Technique in Litigation (1969)

There ain’t no mountain high enough…

South Africa is a country rich in tradition and culture, viewed by many across the globe as a symbol of hope. And in South Africa one of the secrets of a successful business practice is to manage change successfully – by breaking through old barriers with new and innovative solutions, without losing one’s identity and essential culture.

We take pride in our ability to attend to all aspects of the law, not regarding any problem as too big or too small, and in our readiness to meet new challenges, through commitments to our clients, our staff, our profession and to the future. We invite you to climb new mountains with us and to embark on this exciting journey, hand in hand, as partners.


We resolve family issues. Not because it is our job.
Rather because it is our passion.


Are you struggling to keep the pot cooking?
We can put all your debts in one pot.


We not only transfer your properties. We sell them as well. Enabling you to live your dream.